Online Satoshi Miner

Growilly is an online mining platform that uses the processor of your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to generate income for you. Your income will be generated in a form of Monero (XMR), then our system automatically converts it into Bitcoin. You can then convert your bitcoin earnings into cash using any other third-party services such as or changelly.


Opportunity for people

Our mission is to give an opportunity to a lot of people of earning bitcoin without investment but by using their existing machine or device and by the use of their social media connections.


Main source of free bitcoin

We envisioned to become one of the main sources of free bitcoin worldwide. Bitcoin is very expensive right now but we are still able to pull off strategy to distribute free bitcoin using alternative cryptocurrency.


There are only three simple steps.
You can even start earning in less than 5 minutes, seriously!

Sign Up

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Let your computer or device
generate your payout.

Get Paid

Withdraw your total payout
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